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11 march 2002 Source: 'Gazeta Sporturilor', 'Prosport' and 'Evenimentul Zilei'

Simona's wedding

Simona Amanar: "I'm more nervous than when I had to perform on beam before thousands of spectators"

After being married at the registry office in Timisoara last Thursday, on Saturday, Simona and Cosmin were married in the Metropolitana Cathedral. Simona wore a white-golden wedding-dress, designed by the Ellis Fashion House in Arad and the former gymnast even impressed the priests, who congratulated her before the service.
As expected, the gymnastics world was very well represented at Simona's wedding. Bridesmaids were Andreea Raducan, Maria Olaru, Claudia Presecan, Gina Gogean and Corina Ungureanu, all dressed in pretty evening dresses designed by the same Fashion House. Of course, Simona's friend Lavinia Milosovici-Vintu, who's brides bouquet was caught by Simona a year before, at Milo's wedding, was there. From Deva, along with Andreea Raducan, trainers Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang and former 'doctor' of the national team, Ioachim Oana were present too.
After the ceremony, Belu threw, conforming with tradition, grains of rice over the newly weds, for prosperity.

Honeymoon later....
When they left the Cathedral, Octavian Belu advised his former pupil to not make any mistakes because in a marriage there are no 'safety mats' like in the gym. From the Cathedral, the wedding guests went to the restaurant 'Continental' where 300 guests were present, including people from Romanian Olympic Committee. Maria Olaru: "It was brilliant. We enjoyed ourselves till early morning, we danced until our feet hurt." The girls left at 5 in the morning, one hour after Tavi Belu left the restaurant.
About their honeymoon Simona said: "For the time being we can't go on our honeymoon yet. We have a really busy schedule, but we'll probably go somewhere together in about 2 months."

12 litres of champagne
One of the most beautiful presents that Simona and Cosmin received was from her former colleagues. Maria, Gina, Claudia, Andreea and Corina gave her a bottle of 12 litres of champagne, with a photo of the married couple on the label. ("We stole a photo and made everything showy," explained Maria). The container was brought in on a miniature cart, covered with flowers and had medals of wood stuck on it. Along with the bottle, was a book of poems with dedications.

Drank champagne out of the bride's shoe
A good Romanian tradition, is to steal the bride at midnight. While the brides maids were distracting the groom, Simona was kidnapped and a lot of silly things were asked for her 'ransom'. One of them was that the groom had to drink champagne out of the bride's shoe, which the kidnappers brought with them. Another was directed towards the Godfather, who had to mimic a striptease act. He took his waistcoat off, opened some buttons, to the amusement of everybody around, but stopped there.

In Evenimentul Zilei
The moment everybody waited for was the wedding cake of 7 layers to be brought in, under the applause from all the wedding guests. Nobody could, however, foresee what would happen. The couple cut the cake first, but as they cut the first tier, the cake suddenly started to crumble and covered Belu in whipped cream, as he tried to come to the rescue to stabilise the cake. Without thinking, he attacked the bridegroom and washed his face with whipped cream. The bridegroom stood there nailed to the floor for a while but then saw Mariana Bitang close by and threw an entire layer of the wedding cake at her head. From that moment onwards, the whipped cream fight couldn't be stopped. White sweet bombs were flying across the hall and the guests were covered in whipped cream from head to toe. Goodbye to the expensive gala dresses, the exotic hair styles and make up. Everybody was white, it seemed like a huge balloon of whipped cream had exploded over the guests, who looked like they couldn't believe what had happened. The bride and groom looked like two white ghosts and only their smile lit up their faces. The few that escaped the fight hid in the hallways or under the tables. "It was one of the sweetest weddings that I have ever attended," said one of the guests of whom you could only see his ears from underneath the whipped cream. After it all calmed down, Simona And Cosmin received best wishes for the future.

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