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Romanian International -additional info


ProSport published a brief interview with Maria Olaru following the competition.

PS: Why are you retiring?

MO: I've had injury problems for the past two years, especially with my back. Besides, being a talk gymnast means I have to work three times harder to maintain my level. In any case, I don't fit the new COP.

PS: What will you miss the most?

MO: I think the feelings before major events, the competition atmosphere and, of course, the girls [teammates]. Since I am a student at the Sports University in Timisoara, I will visit them at least once every two weeks.

PS: What are your plans for the future?

MO: I still have a few galas to do. On May 20th, I'm going to Monte Carlo with Mr. Tiriac and Nadia Comaneci, on June 20th, I'm going to Austria and so on. For now, I want to focus on my studies. I'll start thinking about my future only after I finish school.

Corina Ungureanu tried to hide her anger after being forced to have a separate retirement ceremony. Corina was honored Saturday, before the women's AA competition. She limited her comments to "That's the way it goes. That's how they wanted it; I complied, but obviously, I regret not being with the other gymnasts at the Sunday ceremony because I was their teammate." RGF president, Nicolae Vieru explained his decision to hold separate ceremonies, saying "Corina had a separate ceremony because Sunday's ceremony was reserved for the recently retired gymnasts and the ones who competed at the Sydney Olympics."

British gymnast Melissa Wilcox took a bad fall on beam during the all-around competition. She fell and injured her neck, and left the arena with a neck brace on. [No update on her condition, but I would assume itís not too bad].

Gina Gogean made her debut as an international judge at the event. She didnít make things easy on herself, since the new COP is difficult, and more complex than the previous one.

Andreea Raducan competed her 1999 floor routine, Las Caretas del Roccio. She plans to use the same routine at this yearís World Championships.


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