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most of the articles here are taken from Romanian Gymnastics news & Amazing Andreea, painstakingly translated by the people in charge of the web sites.


Belu and Bitang         new   211001

The calm before the storm           new      211001

Ghent a bizairre meet        new

Constanta honors Amanar with retirement ceremony-2001  new

Maria Olaru Interview 2001         new

Mariana Bitang Interview -2001   new

Sydney Medalists Update   new

Bitang unhappy with gymnasts' work ethic 2001     new

Raducan stars in Kenwood commercial    new

Romania-France-Bulgaria tri-meet 2001             new

Amanar's love story 2001   new

Gina Gogean attends IOC conference 2001    new

Life after gymnastics -- Retired gymnasts deal with sudden weight gain    new


More on the 2000 Romanian International   new

Andreea Raducan dominates Romanian International 2000   new

Loredana Boboc: interview with Octavian Belu 2000  new

Olympic Champions receive their cars   2000

Lucky Star 2000               new

[world sports award: "I felt like a Queen", 2000]

Romanian junior team is stunned by what happened in Sydney 2000     new

Sydney 2000: Timeline of a horrifying day     new

Sydney 2000: Made in Romania   new

Sydney 2000: Women's gymnastics team wins gold medal    new

[Sydney 2000: Land of Comaneci Rises again September 2000]

[Sydney 2000: Romania back on top of the world September 2000]

[Sydney 2000: Lady-in-waiting reluctantly accepts Raducan's gold Sept 29 2000]

Sydney 2000: Historic win after 16 years         new

Sydney 2000: Training with the enemy        new

Leader for Sydney 2000          new

    [International gymnast: gymnast of the month June/July 1998]
    [International gymnast: aspiring amanar Aug/Sept 1996]
  [ gym stars: vaulting ambitions 1995]