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Raducan stars in Kenwood commercial

The Romanian Gymnastics Federation finalized a sponsorship contract with Kenwood, the Japanese electronics company. The two-year contract will bring $150,000 to the RGF, while the contact specifies gymnasts have to wear the Kenwood logo on their competition leotards. “A few commercials have already been done and we’ll probably see them on TV or on billboards,” said RGF president Nicolae Vieru.

Once the contract was signed, an advertising company hired by Kenwood came to Deva on Wednesday to film one of the commercials. The commercial features Andreea Răducan, flying above a filed of sun flowers. In order to create this image, the agency needed a tractor. The gymnast was mounted on the vehicle’s hood, where a mat was already fixed, in order to place her over the sunflowers, creating the illusion of flying. Filming lasted from 11 am to 7 pm. This was followed by filming inside the gym, where all the gymnasts were present.

The team coached by Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang has a busy schedule leading up the 2001 Worlds, held in Ghent, Belgium. This week-end, they will compete in a tri-meet at Deva, against teams from France and Bulgaria, and in the beginning of September, a team of two female gymnasts and two male gymnasts will leave for the Goodwill Games. Likely team members include Andreea Răducan and Sabina Cojocar on the women’s side and Marius Urzică & Marian Drăgulesc for the men. Răducan will not compete this week-end. “We don’t want to force her knee. It’s an old injury that seems to be acting up. A surgical procedure is out of the question for now, because it’s not a serious problem, but knock on wood!”, said the team head coach.

Sorin Răducan, Andreea’s brother, is now enrolled at the Sports High school in Contanta. The 15-year old football fanatic, begged his father, until he gave in and enrolled his son is a sports high school. His classmates will be practicing football, but also volleyball and handball. “I’ll visit the dorms on September 1st and school starts on September 15th. I like football and my dream is to play midfielder. I don’t have any role-models, but I’d like to play for Steaua,” explained Sorin.

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