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Their lucky star

On Saturday, October 30th, Mihaela Rădulescu, host of Romanian television show "Your lucky star," invited the Romanian women's team on her show, as well as Marius Urzică, recent Olympic champion on pommel horse. The gymnasts came with their parents, and some of their other relatives. It was a special day for Andreea and Marius, as both of them celebrated their birthday. Andreea turns 17, while Marius turns 25. Simona Amanar was added to the birthday bash, even though her 21st birthday is still one week away. As soon as the team arrived at the Otopeni airport, the Olympic champions headed straight to the Buftea TV studios. They got there in time to see a dress rehearsal of the show, when the band A.S.I.A was singing their hit "Song for Andreea Răducan". The gymnasts, Marius Urzică, Octavian Belu & Mariana Bitang received make-overs form the Janine styling company. They were in the make-up room for more than half an hour, trying to look their best on TV.

Host Mihaela Rădulescu was waiting nervously in her room, praying everything will go smoothly. "Most of the times, I'm very calm, but now I'm really anxious, and I don't think I've ever been this nervous before. Every time I saw them (the gymnasts) on TV, I cried like a baby. Since their luggage didn't arrive yet, I thought I should be dressed the same way they are, so I borrowed Marina Bitang's jogging suit. There was no shortage of surprises throughout the show. Andreea, Simona, Maria and the other girls received presents from Janine's company & ProTV. Marius Urzică received a baby stroller, which should be very useful since his wife Georgeta is due to have a baby sometimes next week. Even though they were very tired after the 26-hour flight, the gymnasts were happy to see the Body & Soul & A.S.I.A. bands perform.

Florin Călinescu, host of Chestiunea Zilei (Romania's equivalent of Saturday Night Live), gave Andreea her 150 gram, 18 karat gold medal, made especially for her by the Romanian Jewelers Association. He was moved to tears when he took the gymnast's hand, seeing the blisters, and calluses she had. She showed her hand to the audience, saying "This is what the hands of an Olympic champion look like. Compared to her, mine look like Snow White's hands."

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