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Sabina Carolina Cojocar was born on the 23rd October 1985 in Sibiu, Romania


She started training in gymnastics when she was four years old.


Cojocar was coached by Nicoleta Zaharia and Raluca Bugner


She shares a room with Silvia Stroescu


Cojocar likes to do detailed embroidery,she mostly enjoys making scenery and icons.


Some of her artwork is already displayed in the school hallways.


Her favourite events are the floor exercise and the balance beam.


She admires former team mate Simona Amanar and hopes to be as successful as Amanar.





  More about Cojocar. . .

Princess Sabi is Romania's newest star. She is the current Junior European champion and  also won gold on the vault and balance beam, and silver on floor at the event finals.

With the retirement of senior team mates like Simona Amanar, Maria Olaru and Claudia Presacan, Cojocar has risen into the senior ranks this year, and so far, she has not disappoint. Cojocar is the current Goodwill Games all-around winner, beating heavyweights such as Zamolodchidkova and Khorkina, and won the bronze on the floor event final.

She just finished first in the Romanian Nationals, beating Andreea Raducan, sharing the title with Silvia Stroescu, and winning silver on the vault and floor event finals, and bronze on the balance beam.

Octavian Belu, the head coach of the team, professes that Cojocar is the best gymnast of her generation, but can be quite moody at times. If she can be as disciplined as Amanar or Gogean, she can be a major force to be reckoned with.


  Cojocar results

-Romanian junior nationals categorie 4: 1AA

-Romanian nationals:

-junior Rom-Fra:1AA 1 team
-Hungarian international:3AA,3BB
-romanian international:4AA(exhibition only)
-junior europeans:1AA,2 team,1VT,1BB,2FX
-junior Romanian nationals 1AA,1VT
-ITC:2 team,11AA(3 events only)

-American team cup :5AA,2 team
-Rom-Gbr meet:1 team.2AA,1VT,4UB,5FX,2BB
-Rom-Fra-Bul:1 team,1AA
-Rom-Gbr meet: 1 team,1AA
-Goodwill Games: 1 AA,6BB,3FX
-Rom-Ned meet:1 team,7AA
-Romanian Nationals:1AA,2FX,3BB,4UB,2VT