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Loredana Boboc was born on the 12th May 1984 in Bucharest, Romania.


She has been part of the Romanian National Team since 1997.


Before training with the at Cetate Deva, she was with the CSS Steaua Bucharest.


An injury kept her out of competition in 1998 but she came on strong in 1999, where she became a part of the senior team.


Boboc came in second at the CSA Steaua Athlete of the year awards in 1999.

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Although not one of the strongest gymnasts on the team, Lori has contributed to numerous team medals in the Word championships and the Olympic Games..

Boboc competed at International Team-Championships 1999 in the Junior Divison and at European Youth Olympic Day she won the silver medal on floor.

After the 2000 Olympic games, Boboc was dismissed by Octavian Belu and the Romanian Gymnastics Federation and went back to Bucharest and contemplate on retiring. Subsequently, Belu asked her if she would reconsider her retirement and come back to train at Deva which Boboc did.

After the Olympic Games, only Raducan and Boboc are left on the National team, and Belu stressed that Boboc must rise to be co-leader of the team, now comprising of many first time seniors.

-Romanian junior nationals: 2UB

-junior ITC: 9AA,2 team
-Rom-Esp dual meet 9AA 1 team
-European Youth Olympic Days 2FX ,2 team
-Friendly Cup:2AA, 2 team
-Como Cup:6AA,3 team
-Romanian Nationals: 1 team,3UB,10AA
-World Championships: 1 team

-Romanian International: 8AA(exhibition only)
-European Championchips:3 Team
-Rom-Esp-Gbr-Ukr: 5AA 1 team
-Rom-Esp-Fra:1 team
-Romanian nationals: 6AA, 2BB
-Olympic Games:  1 team, 17AA

-Romanian international:9AA(exhibition only)
-Rom-Gbr meet:1AA,1team,2UB,4FX
-Rom-Bul-Fra:1 team,3AA
-Rom-Gbr meet: 1 team,4AA
-Rom-Ned meet:1 team,11AA
-Romanian Nationals:5AA,4VT,6BB,5FX,1 team
-World Championships:1 team