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Maria Olaru was born on the 4th of June 1982  in Fălticeni, Romania.

Her father died when she was 3 years old.

Her family now includes her mother and two sisters.

Olaru went to train at Cetate Deva  Gymnastics school when she was 7 years old.

She likes all 4 apparatus, favoring none.

She adores tennis, swimming and skating, and is the best friend of fellow team mate Andreea Raducan.

Olaru has retired after the Sydney Olympic Games.





  more about Olaru

Maria Olaru, despite retiring at a young age, has contributed much to the Romanian Gymnastics history.

Olaru's father died when she was 3 years old and she was put into a children's home because her mother could not afford to take care of her. At the home, Maria showed a great interest in gymnastics and managed to pass the entrance exams for the famous Cetate Deva club.

She was too young to take part in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games, but has always proved to be a force to be reckoned with since her emergence into the gymnastics scene. At the 1997 International Junior Championships, Olaru clinched the All-Around title and won first on the vault event final.

Olaru is the 1999 World championships All-Around winner (her first as a senior), and the silver medalist at the Sydney Olympics All-Around. She became the second Romanian to ever win a World championships title.

Tall for a gymnast, Olaru decided to quit as she feels that the new code of points does not favor tall gymnasts like herself. However, she retires with no regrets, having earning glory for herself and her country by winning many medals in international gymnastic competitions.

- China Cup   5th. AA
-Chengdu China Cup: 10AA  4VT,6UB,5FX

-Junior Rom-Ger-Gre-Gbr meet:1 team,2AA
- China Cup  2nd. AA
-Junior Europeans 5th. AA, 6th. Team, 1st. VT, 7th. FX
- Top Gym-  1st. AA, 2nd. Team
-Trophee Massilia-  5th. AA, 1st. Team
-Romanian International:3AA

-International Team Championships  1 AA, 1 Team
- ROM vs. SPN  1st. AA, 1st. Team
- Glasgow Grand Prix   3rd. VT,
-European Youth Olympic Days 5th. AA, 2nd. Team,2VT,3BB,1FX
- International Junior Meet  1st. AA, 1st. FX
- Arthur Gander Memorial  3rd. AA
-Trophee Massilia- 1st. Team, 6th. UB, 1st. FX

-International Team Championships- Knoxville, TN, USA3rd. AA, 2nd. Team

- Romanian International   2nd. AA, 1st. VT
- Europeans  1st. Team, 2nd. VT
-Goodwill Games  2nd. AA, 4th. VT

-International Team Championships 21st. AA, 1st. Team
- Hungarian International 3rd. VT, 1st. FX
- ROM vs. SPN   6th. AA, 1st. Team
- ROM vs. SPN vs. GER   2nd. AA, 1st. Team
- Romanian Nationals 1. AA, 2. Team (CSS Cetate Deva), 1. VT, 1. UB,  1st. BB, 2nd. FX
- ROM vs. NED   1st .AA, 1st. Team
- World Championships 1st. AA, 1st. Team, 3rd. VT, 6th. UB, 4th. BB
-Trophee Massilia- 1st. AA, 1st. Team
- Chunichi Cup  1. AA, 3. VT, 5t. UB, 2nd. BB, 3rd. FX

- Hungarian International1 AA, 1st. UB, 1st. BB, 1st. FX
-Romanian International 1AA, 3 VT, 1 UB, 1. BB, 1. FX
- Europeans  3rd. Team
-ROM vs. ESP vs. FRA   1st. AA, 1st. Team
- Romanian Nationals 4. AA, 2nd. VT, 1st. UB, 3rd. FX
- Olympics  2nd. AA, 1st. Team, 6th. BB
-Arthur Gander Memoria  2nd. AA, 2nd. VT, 1st. BB, 2nd. FX
-Swiss Cup :3AA
-Trophee Massilia: 1 team,5AA,2UB,1BB