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Nadia hatagn was born on the 13th August 1979 in Medias, Romania.


She was a member of the national team for 3 years.


Hatagan started gymnastics at age 6 when her parents read in the newspapers that there was a selection at the Deva gymnastics school.she went and make the cut, placing an impressive 7th out of a field of 200.


before starting in gymnastics, Hatagn took ballet.


Her favorite countries include Holland and Australia.


Hatagan retired in 1996, due to an injury, after being on the National team for three years.


more about Hatagan...

Nadia Hatagan was originally named Silvia, but the family decided to name her after the great Nadia Comaneci, hoping then that she would be a good gymnast when she grows up.

True enough, Hatagan showed great athletic potential from young. She was interested in sports and after hearing that the great Cetate Deva Gymnastics school is scouting for talent, her parents took her for the selection round, and Hatagan got into Deva with ease.

Hatagan excelled in Deva and 1992, she joined the senior national team. She was best at uneven bars, and won the bars title in the 1993 Junior European championships, 1993 International Japan Junior Invitational and the 1993 Birmingham Classic.

Unfortunately, she started to get injuries that would hinder her career. The day before the 1994 World team championships, she sprained her ankle severely while practicing on the vault, and in 1995, a sore tendon left her to compete on the uneven bars only at the 1995 World championships. she required two surgeries on her sore tendon.

Bogged down by her injuries, Hatagan left Deva after the 1995 World championships. She then signed a contract with the Italian club Halma Juventus Fano. She led her team to silver in the Italian Nationals.

After that, she joined the Nadia and Bart's post0Olympic tour, performing with Svetlana Boguinskaya and Vitaly Scherbo. Subsequently, Hatagan returned to Romania to pursue an education.


-Bosphorus Cup 4AA
-Balkan  Championchips:1AA

-Junior European Team Championships 1.Team

-Balkan Championships  3rd. AA
-Junior Europeans 4. AA, 3rd. Team, 1st. UB
-International Junior Meet-n
     1st. AA, 1st. VT, 1st. UB, 1st. BB, 4th. FX
- Birmingham Classic  4th. AA, 1st. UB
-Nikon International     3rd. AA, 2nd. VT, 4th. UB, 1st. BB, 7th. FX
- Mixed Duos    7th. AA

- World Championships 8. AA, 7. UB, 4t BB
-ROM vs. USA  11th. AA, 1st. Team
- Birmingham Classic   3rd. AA
-Rom-Gbr meet: 1 team,1AA
-Team World Championships  1st. Team

- Romanian Nationals   4th. AA
- World Championships  1st. Team