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the article is courtesy of Nicole Citroen @ Amazing Andreea

20 February 2002 Source: 'VIP'

Simona Amanar and Cosmin Tabara will get married on the 9th of March. Simona doesn't need any introduction but who is Cosmin? He's a lawyer but at the same time he's also a juridical consultant for a shoe factory in Timisoara. They got engaged last year in the autumn but both Cosmin and Simona were so busy last year that they decided to postpone the wedding until March. They have sent out all the invitations and this week they are waiting to receive the replies. Simona has another fitting of her wedding dress on the 23rd of February

1 February 2002 Source: 'Gazeta Sporturilor'

Simona and Cosmin are getting married

After almost 2 years, the love story between Simona Amanar and Cosmin Tabara will be completed on the 9th of March, when the two will get married in Timisoara.

Even though it's something natural, the invitation leaves you open-mouthed and you read the text a couple of times, whether you want to or not. The families Amanar and Tabara invite you to the wedding of their children, Simona and Cosmin.

The former major champion has decided to get married with the man she shared her life with for almost the last two years. It just seems yesterday that she stood on beam, in Sydney, and on the rostrum, where she sang the national anthem. Time flies!

Wedding at the cathedral
Simona and her loved one, the son of politican Valeriu Tabara, will be wed by a priest on the 9th of March, in the beautiful cathedral in Timisoara. Afterwards, there will be a huge party, at the Continental restaurant, where the bride and groom invited over 300 guests. "We wanted to invite around 500 people but the venue only has room for around 300, so we had no alternative than to shorten the list," said Simona, clearly emotional when she talks about the event.
The godparents for both of them will come from two families. "For me it will be former gymnast Camelia Voinea and for Cosmin it will be the Lazureanu family, so close friends," says Simona. She won't reveal anything about the dress that she will be wearing, probably because of superstition. "I want it to be a surprise for everybody," she explains, but I have ordered the dress at the fashion house Elis in Arad, from the well-known designer Ely Laslean. "I've tried it on already," giggles Simona. her future husband will wear a black suit, that he ordered at a fashion house in Timisoara. The bridesmaids will be former gymnasts from Deva, and life friends of Simona, Maria Olaru and Gina Gogean.

Simona doesn't hide her emotions at all. "It's a unique happening so it's natural," she says. Simi was very happy when she heard that Octavian Belu and the girls from the national team will come to her wedding, giving up all activities for that weekend.
Asked which place they have chosen to spend their honeymoon, Simona says that it's not certain yet. "We'll probably go to Rome, but we are also thinking of a trip through America. However, we still have time to decide on that."

They met at Milo's wedding
On the 23rd of October 1999, Lavinia Milosovici got married in Timisoara and invited all her former colleagues from Deva, one of them being Simona, who had just returned from Tianjin where she won the team world title. Lavinia's godfather was the politician Valeriu Tabara, who brought his son Cosmin, who's a big fan of sports and gymnastics, to the wedding. The two saw each other during the religious ceremony and got to know each other afterwards at the restaurant and it clicked immediately. They sat at the same table, they talked and danced all night, and when they went home, they exchanged phone-numbers. "I knew Simona from tv, I read about her and I was up to date with her career because I love sport," said Cosmin, who played handball in school for well over two years. The two continued to phone each other and the long distance phone-calls became longer and more frequent.

The federation found out by mistake
Simona says that after the Olympics in Sydney, their relationship became a true relationship and from then on they were almost inseparable. They continued, however, to be discrete so that nobody knew about it until fate had other plans. Cosmin lost his wallet one day in which he had Simona's documents too. Somebody found the wallet and sent it to the federation, who then found both of their id papers together.

She left without her luggage
Simona Amanar and her future husband live together in Timisoara, where she is a student at the ANEFS. (Sports University) Up until now, for their anniversary, they didn't have the time to buy each other presents, he gave Simona a giant stuffed teddy bear and she bought him a bottle of after-shave. They did have the chance to travel together, they went to Semenic, Virsad and the Liman's valley. Here, it was obvious that Simona was head over heels in love because when they arrived, she noticed that she had left all her luggage at home. "I stayed in the mountains for three days without having any of my things with me," laughs Simona.