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Rotation 1:

Sun Xiaojiao (CHN) starts on floor with solid performance including a tucked full-in mount, a triple twist and a double pike. 9,062.

Svetlana Khorkina (RUS) only vaults a tucked Khorkina for her first vault (9,5 SV) but lands her half on- rudi off well for a 9,525 (9,368 average).

Daniele Hypolito (BRA) is brilliant on floor, scoring a well desrved 9,562.
Lyudmila Yezhova (RUS) is brimming with confidence on her difficult beam set and takes the current lead with 9,587 (10 SV).

Andreea Raducan (ROM) vaults a pair of Khorkinas (piked and layout) for an average of 9,35.

Sara Moro (ESP) finishes her floor routine with a clean triple twist but has to take a deduction for a step oiut of bounds. 9,287  

Verona van de Leur (NED) hops back on her double twisting but tucks down her second vault (RO- full-twisting ff on back pike off) and takes a step off the mat. 9,093.  

Sabina Cojocar (ROM) opens with a 1 ˝ twisting Yurchenko and backs it up with a double twisting one. 9,356

Gabrielle Wammes (NED) has some breaks in her leg form on a stalder full on low bar.8, 562.

Rotation 2:
Allana Slater (AUS) starts her second rotation with a fall from beam. 8,212

Daniele Hypolito (BRA) loses ground with too simple vaults. 9,056.

Lydumila Yezhova (RUS) sneaks around her whip-triple twist opening on floor 8,975.

Tasha Schwikert (USA) is quietly earning points with her solid work – 9,350 on beam.

Andreea Raducan (ROM) fights bars, her nemisis, and takes a hop on her double front dismount 8,862.

Verona van der Leur (NED) swings bars with incredible easy and difficulty. She sticks her double-double dismount for a 9,4 – highest basr score so far.

Natalia Ziganshina (RUS) gets through her floor routine well to stay in the mix – 9,387.

Sabina Cojocar (ROM) shows a combination of hop full – full-twisting giant- 1 ˝ pirouette- Tkachev on bars. 8,625.

Silvia Stroescu (ROM) is solid on beam.9,387

Svetlana Khorkina (RUS) brings thsi rotation to the end on bars. Leaving out the full turn after the satlder on low bar and looking a little hesitant, she scores 9,537 (9,8 SV). 


Rotation 3:

Tasha Schwikert (USA) puts in another solid performance on floor with a full-in mount. 9,35.

Verona van de Leur (NED) dashes her hopes with a fall on her ff-layout on beam. 8,55

Natalia Ziganshina (RUS) has problems landing her 1 ˝ twisting Yurchenko but her double twisting one works just fine. 9,343

Sabina Cojocar (ROM) has a wobble on beam but is confident enough in the rest of her routine. 9,337.

Silvia Stroescu (ROM) powers through her difficult tumbling – double layout mount , 2 ˝ twist – punch layout front- for a 9,225.

Tabitha Yim (USA) vaults well enough to keep hot the heels of Ziganshina. 9,143.

Svetlana Khorkina (RUS) nails her new dismount of RO-gainer 2 ˝ twist. 9,237

Andreea Raducan (ROM) is spectacular in places (full-twisting back tuck; double pike dismount) but takes a few steps on her front pike mount and has a few balance checks for a high 9,475.

Lyudmila Yezhova (RUS) sits down her vault and can only average 8,175


Rotation 4:
Sabina Cojocar (ROM) opens with a 2 ˝ twisting front and charms the audience and the judges for a 9,462.

Tabitha Yim (USA) avoids trouble with a solid if not brilliant bars effort marred by some form breaks. 8,950 (9,5 SV).

Svetlana Khorkina (RUS) was far from perfect on floor with some stumbles on her landings but entertaining as ever for a generous 9,475.

Daniele Hypolito (BRA) finished her competition with another great effort on beam for a 9,375 to collapse into the arms of her new coach Oleg Ostapenko.

Andreea Raducan (ROM) needed more than a 9,90 to tie Khorkina for the AA title. If she was dejected going to the floor, she didn’t show it. A step out of bounds on her 2 ˝ twist punch layout front cost her. When her score of 9,262 was flashed their were boos from the audience.

Verona van de Leur (NED) showed the crowd she wasn’t going to go out without a fight with a great floor routine to end. 9,350.

In the final routine of the entire competition, Natalia Ziganshina (RUS) made up for all the mistakes she had made earlier in the competition by nailing her ultra difficult bars set for 9,20 and the silver medal.  

Final Results - Top 25

1. Svetlana Khorkina 37.617
2. Natalia Ziganshina 37.305
3. Andreea Raducan 36.949
4. Daniele Hypolito 36.905
5. Tasha Schwikert 36.881
6. Sabina Cojocar 36.780
7. Tabitha Yim 36.680
8. Sara Moro 36.662
9. Verona van de Leur 36.393
10. Sun Xiaojiao/td> 36.292
11. Silvia Stroescu 36.218
12. Marta Cusido 35.917
13. Gabrielle Wammes 35.848
14. Holly Murdock 35.542
15. Yevgenia Kuznetsova 35.374
16. Kate Richardson/td> 35.292
17. Elena Gomez 35.280
18. Mohini Bhardwaj 35.036
19. Oksana Chusovitina 35.023
20. Alyona Kvasha 34.961
21. Olga Roschupkina 34.955
22. Allana Slater 34.942
23. Delphine Regease 34.924
24. Elizabeth Tweddle 34.892
25. Janerky de la Pena 34.824


[training] [Qualifying] [Finals] [pictures] [Raducan interview] [Event finals]

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[introduction] [biography ] [competition results ] [pictures] [articles] [team mates] [credits & links]

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