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Event Finals



Verona van de Leur (NED): First vault double twisting Yurchenko nailed. Second vault RO- full-twisting ff piked back off. 9,112 average.

Svetlana Khorkina (RUS): 1. Yurchenko 1 hop forward. 2. Ro-1/2 on front tuck with 1 twist off. Well landed. 9,412 average.

Andreea Ulmeanu (ROM): 1. Double twisting Yurchenko, nailed. 2. Handspring-front pike 1/2 . 9,118 average.

Jana Komrskova (CZE): 1. Ro-1/2 on- front pike off. 2. Handspring-front pike . 9,206 average.

Andreea Raducan (ROM): Balked on her first attempt. 1. Handspring-front pike step to the side. 2. RO- on- layout twist off. Piked down. 9,243 average.

Ashley Miles (USA): 1. 1 twisting Yurchenko. 2. Handspring tucked front. Fall to hands. 8,768 average.

Mohini Bhardwaj (USA): 1. Double twisting Yurchenko. Step back. 2. Tucked Tsukahara 1 /1. 9,037 average.

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB): 1. Handspring full.-twisting fron layout. Step to the side. 2. Layout Tsukahara 1 twists. 9,349 average.

  Vault standings        
1 Svetlana Khorkina RUS 9,350 9,475 9,412
2 Oksana Chusovitina UZB 9,287 9,412 9,349
3 Andreea Raducan ROM 9,125 9,362 9,243
4 Jana Komrskova CZE 9,237 9,175 9,206
5 Andrea Ulmeanu ROM 9,287 8,950 9,118
6 Verona van de Leur NED 9,375 8,850 9,112
7 Ashley Miles USA 9,312 8,225 8,768
8 Mohini Bardwaj USA 9,375 8,700 9,037


Balance Beam


Lyudmila Yezhova: Onodi, to front aerial to side somi, stuck. Gainer ff to wolf jump. Kochetkova to Omelianchik. Sideways back dive 1/2 to land in handstand. Small hop on 2.5 twist dismount. Very beautiful and unique routine. 9.650

Sabina Cojocar: ff ff tucked full, very nice. Switch leap to Chen. Front aerial (wobble). Side somi. Ff ff triple twist. 9.900 SV.  9.475

Esther Moya: Round off layout to two feet, solid. Tour jete 1/2. Wolf jump full. Running front. Slight check on straddle jump 3/4 turn. 2.5 twist dismount. 9.600 SV. 8.975

Elena Gomez: round off layout step out mount. Tucked front to ff layout stepout. Tuck jump full to Chen. Straddle jump-full. 2.5 twist dismount with a hop. Pretty and aggressive routine. 9.600 SV 9.025

Tasha Schwikert: Piked front mount. Tucked front (wobble). Another wobble. Straddle jump full. FF layout stepout. Back tuck to Chen. Double tuck dismount. 9.900 SV. 9.350

Andreea Raducan: tucked front mount. ff tucked full, nailed. Switch ring leap. Tucked front to Chen. Switch leap to ff layout stepout. Ff ff double pike with a step back.  9.662

Sun Xiaojiao: One armed ff to ff to layout to two feet. Front aerial, Rulfova. Switch Yang Bo leap. Double tuck with one step. 10.00 SV. 9.575

Rachel Tidd: Yang Bo leap. Fall on ff tucked Arabian. Tucked front. Sheep jump to Chen. Double tuck with one step. 9.500 SV. 8.375

  Balance beam standings    


Andreea Raducan ROM 9.662
2. Lyudmila Yezhova RUS 9.650
3. Sun Xiaojiao CHN 9.575
4. Sabina Cojocar ROM 9.475
5. Tasha Schwikert USA 9.350
6. Elena Gomez ESP 9.025
7. Esther Moya ESP 8.975
8. Rachel Tidd






Tabitha Yim: 2.5 twist punch front 1/2. Triple twist. Double twisting layout front. 9.700 SV. 9.187

Daiane Santos: double layout. Arabian double front. Piked front to 2.5 twist. Double pike. 9.800 SV. 9.325

Andreea Raducan: Tucked full-in. Triple twist. 2.5 twist punch layout front. Double pike. 9.900 SV. 9.550

Silvia Stroescu: double layout. tucked full-in. 2.5 twist punch layout front. Double pike (stumble backwards).9.012

Svetlana Khorkina: tucked full-in. Whip triple twist. Double pike. 9.800 SV. 9.375

Tasha Schwikert: stuck tucked half-in half-out. 2.5 twist punch layout front. Double pike landed on locked knees, touching down (out of bounds). 9.600 SV. 8.900

Allana Slater: Whip triple twist. 2.5 twist punch layout front (awkward landing). Really nice choreography. Double pike. 9.337

Daniele Hypolito: nice double layout. Stumble back on Arabian double front. 2.5 twist punch layout front. Triple twist (slightly incomplete). 9.487

           Floor Exercise standings


Andreea Raducan ROM 9.550
2. Daniele Hypolito BRA 9.487
3. Svetlana Khorkina RUS 9.375
4. Allana Slater AUS 9.337
5. Daiane Santos BRA 9.325
6. Tabitha Yim USA 9.187
7. Silvia Stroescu ROM 9.012
8. Tasha Schwikert USA 8.900

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